magnesium metal ingot suppliers

Magnesium metal ingot suppliers always supply magnesium with the content of 99.9% and 99.95%, there are acid and no-acid types for choice, the acid type is mainly for long-distance transport or long-time storage, when used acid washed, the screen of magnesium ingot can be one protection, then it can protect the magnesium metal from water and oxygen, the size supplied always 7.5kg, sometimes the size 100g, 300g also accept customed.


Professional magnesium metal ingot suppliers always produce the magnesium ingot with the method of Pidgeon. Under high temperature and vacuum conditions in an electric furnace, in the presence of calcium oxide, magnesium oxide is reduced with ferrosilicon to generate magnesium vapor, which is separated from the solid dicalcium silicate (2CaO.SiO2) generated by the reaction and is condensed to obtain crystalline magnesium.

Magnesium metal has wide usage in the industry, the details are as follows:

1. Magnesium is an important material in the aviation industry, and magnesium alloys are used to manufacture aircraft fuselage, engine parts, etc.

2. As a strong reducing agent, magnesium is also used in the production of titanium, zirconium, beryllium, uranium, hafnium, etc.

3. Metal magnesium is the main alloying element in aluminum alloys

4. Magnesium powder is used for the desulfurization of steel

5. Also used to manufacture photographic and optical instruments, etc.

6. Magnesium fertilizer can promote the absorption and utilization of phosphorus by plants

7. Magnesium powder is also used in the manufacture of chemical products, medicines, pyrotechnics, signals, flares, and other materials, metal-reducing agents, paint coatings, welding wires, and nodularizing agents for ductile iron, etc.

No matter what, the main usage of magnesium metal ingot is for aluminum alloy production, The role of magnesium in aluminum alloys is mainly in two aspects. One is to improve various performance indicators of aluminum alloy die castings, especially corrosion resistance. The second is the strengthening effect of magnesium on aluminum. For every 1% increase in magnesium, the tensile strength will increase by about 34MPa.

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