cored wire

Cored Wire
  • Name: Cored Wire

  • Model: CaSi,CaFe,C,Ca

  • Size: 13mm/9mm

  • Shape: Coil with Iron Shelf

  • Usage: Steelmaking, Deoxidizer, Desulfurizer

Cored wire is made by the band steel alloy powder, and widely used in ladle refining process for deoxidizing and desulfurizing. Crushing the additives (de-oxidant, desulfurizer, alloys) into certain granulation (in the form of powder), then, using the equipment to fill the powder into “U” shaped sheath, which is made of high quality cold rolled steel strip, lastly, tightly closing the wire, so a multiple material (cored wire) with certain length will be obtained.

Huatuo metallurgy is a professional manufacturer in supplying various kinds of cored wire including calcium silicon cored wire, calcium ferro cored wire, pure calcium cored wire, calcium aluminum cored wire, recarburization cored wire etc. We will fulfil customers’ demands in different way based on mutual benefit and equal.

The Main Features of Cored Wire as Following:

Aids in optimum achievement of metallurgical and mechanical properties of finished steel.

Precise addition of reactive toxic and other additives into the metal.

Low carbon steel sheath used for tightly encasing. The powdered additive elements.

The shape of wire is obtained by deformation without elongation, thus permitting.

The Spcifications of Cored Wire
Model Chemical(%) Wire diameter Wire Thickness Wire weight Powder Weight Uniformity (%)
CaSi cored wire Si60Ca30/Si55Ca28 13mm 0.4mm 170g/m 230g/m 2.5-5
CaFe cored wire Ca28-35 Fe67-72 13mm 0.4mm 170g/m 215g/m 2.5-5
SiBaCa Si55Ca15Ba15 13mm 0.4mm 170g/m 220g/m 2.5-5
SiAlBa Si40Al16Ba15 13mm 0.4mm 170g/m 215g/m 2.5-5
Carbon cored wire C98 S 0.5 13mm/9mm 0.4mm 150g/m 150g/m 2.5-5
TiFe cored wire Ti25-40 13mm 0.4mm 170g/m 240g/m 2.5-5
SiAlBaCa Si45Ca14Ba12Al18 13mm 0.4mm 170g/m 225g/m 2.5-5