FeSi alloy supplier

FeSi alloy supplier always produce the ferro silicon with the raw material silica,coke and steel scraps,there are corresponding requirements for these raw materials during ferro silicon smelting: 



1.Silica: Generally, only quartz and quartzite with high SiO2 content are used, of which SiO2 content is required to be greater than 97%; the content of harmful magazines should be low; it must have good anti-knock properties; it must have a certain particle size when entering the furnace.

2.Carbonaceous reductant: when electrothermal production of ferrosilicon, the carbonaceous reductant is required to have high fixed carbon, and generally the fixed carbon of metallurgical coke is required to be greater than 82%; the resistivity must be high and the reaction ability is strong; the particle size composition is suitable; there is a certain mechanical strength.

3.Steel scraps: In the production of ferrosilicon, the iron-containing material is the modifier of the ferrosilicon composition. When smelting ferrosilicon in an electric furnace, steel scraps are generally used as the iron-containing material. The steel scraps should not entrain foreign impurities, the steel scraps with serious rust and oil stains cannot be put into the furnace, and the iron content of the steel scraps should be greater than 95%.

FeSi alloy supplier always supply the ferro silicon in the national standard grade of 72# and 75#, which with the content of silicon 72% and 75%, the size accept 10-50mm or 10-100mm which used for steelmaking as deoxidizer or alloy additive, also can supply the non-national standard 70%, 73% grade, sometimes the ferro silicon processed in the size 3-8mmm or 0.2-0.8mm as inoculant or 5-35mm as spheroidizing agent  for casting. For all the applicant, the steelmaking and casting industry are biggest usage of ferro silicon, they consume more than 90% of ferro silicon in total. Among various grads of ferro silicon, the 75# ferro silicon is currently the most widely used. In the steelmaking industry, every ton of steel produced consumes about 3-5kg of 75# ferro silicon.

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