what is the application of silicon metal 441


Silicon metal 441 as ferroalloy additives has very extensive application in the steelmaking industry. The silicon metal 441 is made from raw material quartz and coke through high pressure electric furnace smelting. Besides containing a certain silicon, it also contains some trace elements such as iron, aluminum, calcium and other elements. But steelmaking mainly relies on silicon element of silicon metal 441. Then what is the content of Silicon Metal441 and what is the applications of Silicon Metal 441. Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy Co., LTD, as professional silicon metal 441 manufacturer, will give you a detailed introduction.

The Content of Silicon Metal 441

Silicon metal 441 is a kind of non-ferrous alloy. We will usually use metal elements content as a brand to distinguish. For example, the content of ferro element is accounted for 0.4, the content of aluminum is accounted for 0.4, the content of calcium is accounted for 0.4, then silicon metal 441 is higher grades with silicon content, above all, the silicon content proportion is 99%, and has better deoxidation effect in the steelmaking process.

The Applications of Silicon Metal 441

Silicon metal 441 is very popular and important in the steel industry and often purchased by many steelmaking factories, because silicon metal 441 has higher content silicon. The silicon is a necessary element in steelmaking, which can combine with oxygen in the molten steel, therefore, silicon metal 441 is a good deoxidizer agent. Meanwhile, putting silicon metal 441 into molten steel can play a good role in collecting slag in the process of steel making. And make the filtering molten steel impurity be convenient and improve the purity of molten steel. So silicon metal 441 is also a good effect of collecting slag agent. In a word, silicon metal 441 has wide usage in steelmaking, this is the reason why many steelmaking factories purchase large quantities.

Through introduction silicon metal 441 content and application, it will help you use silicon metal correctly and make the effect play a more comprehensive. Any questions about silicon metal 441, you can call us or send us email. TEL:0372-5039100. Email: info@sialloy.com. Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy will serve you wholeheartedly.