cored wire china

 The cored wire crushes various additives (deoxidizers, desulfurizers, modifiers, alloys, etc.) to be added to the molten steel or molten iron into a certain particle size, and then cold-rolled low carbon The steel strip includes it as a composite material with any length, mainly in three aspects: inoculation, refining outside the furnace, and alloying of special elements.

The varieties of cored wires include calcium iron wire, pure calcium wire, silicon calcium wire, aluminum calcium wire, rare earth wire, titanium iron wire, carbon wire, etc.


The cored wire is suitable for steelmaking and casting. It can purify the form of steel inclusions, improve the castability of molten steel, improve the performance of steel, and can significantly increase the yield of alloys, reduce alloy consumption, and reduce steelmaking Cost and economic benefits are significant.

1. The cored wire ferroalloy is also beneficial to adjust and control the content of easily oxidized elements and trace elements, which can greatly increase the alloy yield, reduce the smelting cost, shorten the smelting time, and accurately control the composition.

2. The cored wire plays the role of purifying molten steel and partially changing the nature and shape of inclusions, improving the quality of molten steel and improving the casting state.

3. There are two types of cored wires: internally drawn and externally released. The mechanical equipment required for feeding the wire is simple and reliable, and has a small area. In particular, the internally Drawn cored wire can be used in narrow places.

Ferroalloy product specifications: 13mm

Note: Allowable deviation of powder core weight: 5g/m

Can be adjusted according to user requirements

Product monthly output: 3000 tons

Product packaging: cable packaging: horizontal and vertical cables. There are two packaging methods: internal tapping and external release. Commonly used packaging is an iron cage, and trays can be added.

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