iron pyrite manufacturers

The iron pyrite manufacturers always called the iron pyrite-FeS2,  It generally include two types, one is with the content of S 45% more or less, the other is with the content of S 30% more or less, the iron pyrite deposits are mainly formed under endogenesis. The unsolidified magma deep in the earth contains a lot of sulfur. When the magma intrudes into the earth;s crust, the sulfur contained in the magma is separated because the pressure is reduced. Iron pyrite is formed when magma contains a lot of sulfur and oxygen is also abundant.



Iron pyrite manufacturers always produce the pyrite with the methods of flotation, gravity and magnetic separation. The general beneficiation process is the same as that of "phosphorus rock". For single pyrite, polymetallic pyrite and coal-measure pyrite with less carbon content, a grinding-classification-flotation process is generally used; for coal-measure pyrite with more carbon and clay, heavy choose a flotation or flotation-reelection combined process.

Iron pyrite is an important chemical mineral raw material, mainly used in the manufacture of sulfuric acid. Part of it is used in chemical raw materials to produce sulfur and various sulfur-containing compounds. It has important uses in rubber, paper, textile, food, matches and other industries and agriculture. Especially in the national defense industry, it is used to manufacture various explosives, smoking agents, etc. Sulfuric acid is produced from pyrite as raw material, and its slag can be used to make iron and steel. If the slag has high sulfur content and low iron content, it can be used as an auxiliary raw material for cement—mixture.

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