magnesium metal ingot

  • Name: Magnesium Metal Ingot

  • Type:  99.9 and 99.95% acid, no-acid types

  • Size: 500mm×130mm×70mm , etc

  • Shape: 100g, 300g, 7.5kg ingot

  • Usage: aluminum alloy production,magnesium alloy production
Magnesium metal ingot has a relatively strong reduction, in the hot water reactions release hydrogen, when burned can produce dazzling white light, magnesium and fluoride, hydrofluoric acid and chromic acid does not occur role, but also could not rust caustic alkali, but easily dissolved in organic and inorganic acids. Magnesium can be directly related to nitrogen, sulfur and halogen such as chemical combination, including hydrocarbons, aldehydes, alcohols, phenols, amines, grease and most of the oil pharmaceutical and organic chemistry and magnesium simply can not afford to just slightly effect.

Magnesium Metal Ingot Specifications:
Model Chemical Composition%
Mg Fe Si Ni Cu Al Cl Mn Others
Mg9995 99.95 0.004 0.005 0.0007 0.003 0.006 0.003 0.01 0.05
Mg9990 99.90 0.04 0.01 0.001 0.004 0.02 0.005 0.03 0.10

Magnesium Metal Ingot Applications: aviation, transmission pipeline, electronic products, household appliances, automobile manufacturing;

1)Magnesium alloys can be used to manufacture aircraft fuselages,engine parts, etc.
2) As strong reducing agent for titanium, zirconium, beryllium, uranium and hafnium production.
3) Magnesium metal is the main alloying element in aluminum alloy
4) Magnesium powder can be used as desulfurizer for steel making.
5) Magnesium also used to make photography and optical instruments, etc.
6)Magnesium can be used to produce magnesium fertilizer, promote the absorption and utilization of phosphorus by plants.
7)As an additive agent in conventional propellants and the production of nodular graphite in cast iron.