silicon barium ferro alloys

Elemental barium has high surface activity, and has a strong affinity for the harmful elements of oxygen and sulfur in steel. It can form compounds with nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon, etc. under high temperature conditions. In recent years, silicon barium ferro alloys have been used in steel production and casting industries at home and abroad. Obvious results have been achieved in the middle and late period. Under different conditions, barium can form various ferrosilicon alloys with other elements. The main ferrosilicon alloys include low barium silicon barium ferro alloys FeSi72Ba2, medium barium silicon barium ferro alloys FeSi55Ba12, high barium silicon barium ferro alloys FeSi55Ba24 and so on.


The silicon barium  alloy has big usage on the steelmaking and casting as following:

(1)In steelmaking, silicon-barium has strong deoxidizing ability and desulfurization function. From the simple deoxidation effect, one ton of silicon-barium alloy can replace 1.5 tons of ferrosilicon, and silicon-barium alloy is mostly used in the production of special steel. It is an indispensable deoxidizer for pure steel metallurgy.

(2)In casting, silicon barium is an excellent and efficient inoculant. Because Ba has a much larger atomic weight than other deoxidizing elements silicon, aluminum, and calcium, and its density is also high, it is suitable for precipitation deoxidation and increase the yield of other elements a lot.

There are three main production methods for silicon barium ferro alloys: one is mixed feeding, the second is barite centralized addition method, and the third is the pumping and barite method, which is also the most commonly used production method. 1/3 of the amount of barite in the charge is stacked on the stove separately, and added to the pit of the electrode in the center of the electrode according to the batch and needs, especially for the raised one-phase electrode, the remaining barite and Other charge silica, coke, and steel scraps are uniformly mixed and added into the furnace in stages and batches.

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