ferro silicon magneisum manufacturers

Ferro silicon magnesium manufacturers always produce the FeSiMg with RE, so they always supplied the RE FeSiMg. RE ferrosilicon magnesium alloy is prepared by adding RE ferrosilicon alloy to magnesium ingots. The main production method of RE ferrosilicon alloy is electrosilicon thermal method. Is it produced by intermittent operation method in electric arc furnace, using lime as solvent and 75% ferrosilicon as reducing agent to reduce rare earth elements in RE slag to obtain rare earth alloy.
When produce the ferro silicon magnesium, firstly, Ferro silicon magnesium manufacturer required RE ferrosilicon alloy in the electric furnace, and the required magnesium ingot is broken into small pieces of about 10mm before the furnace is released, and it is placed in a hot alloy tank. The amount of magnesium is usually 10% of the weight of the alloy. %. Then, the alloy with a temperature of 1200-1280 ℃ is first slowly and then quickly rushed into the alloy tank, and immediately stirred with special tools until it is confirmed that there is no solid magnesium block, the alloy has been self-contained.
Generally, ferro silicon magnesium grades are divided according to the content of rare earth and magnesium. The conventional specifications are 1-6, 2-7, 3-8, 5-8, etc., the content of silicon is 40-44%, and the content of iron is 38- 40%, about 0.1 tons of magnesium ingots are consumed for smelting one ton of silicon-magnesium-ferroalloy.
Ferro silicon magnesium manufactures always export the FeSiMg in the size 5-35mm which packed in the 1MT big bag. The FeSiMg is usually used for casting, it can promote the crystallization of graphite into spheroidization, increase the shape of graphite, and spheroidized ductile iron Significantly stronger than grey cast iron and tougher than malleable cast iron, while maintaining a range of other advantages of grey cast iron.
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