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Ferro chrome supplier always smelt the ferro chrome in the reduction electric furnace, and divide it into high carbon FeCr, medium carbon FeCr, low carbon FeCr and micro-carbon FeCr according to the different content of carbon.



The addition of chromium to steel can significantly improve the oxidation resistance of steel and increase the corrosion resistance of steel. Chromium is contained in many steels with special physical and chemical properties. Chromium in steel is added with ferro chrome. High carbon ferro chrome is used as alloying agent for ball steel (0.5%~1.45%Cr), tool steel, die steel (5%~12%Cr) and high speed steel (3.8%~4.4%Cr), which can improve the quenching of steel. permeability, increasing the wear resistance and hardness of steel. Adding chromium to cast iron can increase hardness and improve wear resistance, and 0.5% to 1.0% chromium content can improve its mechanical properties. High carbon ferro chrome and charge grade ferro chrome are used in large quantities as the charge for smelting stainless steel (AOD or VOD method) to reduce production costs. Medium and low carbon ferro chrome is used in the production of medium and low carbon structural steel, carburized steel, gears, high pressure blower blades, valve plates, etc. Micro-carbon ferro chrome is used in the production of stainless steel, acid-resistant steel, heat-resistant steel and electrothermal alloys.  

The lower the carbon content of ferro chrome, the more difficult it is to smelt, the power consumption is also large, an the cost is high. Ferro chrome supplier always supply the ferro chrome with a carbon content of less than 2% to smelt stainless steel, acid-resistant steel and other low-carbon chromium steels.The ferro chrome with a carbon content of more than 4% if often used to make ball bearing steel and steel for auto parts. For the chromium content of about 5% can be used as a chromium addition agent for alloy transfer iron.

High-carbon ferrochromium is generally smelted in a reducing electric furnace, using coke as a reducing agent, and silica or bauxite as a flux. Medium, low and micro-carbon ferrochromium generally uses silicon-chromium alloy, chromite and lime as raw materials, and is refined and desiliconized with a 1500-6000 kVA electric furnace, and is operated with high basicity slag (CaO/SiO2 is 1.6-1.8). Low and micro-carbon ferrochromium is also produced on a large scale by the hot mixing method.

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