graphite briquette

  • Name: Graphite Briquette

  • Model: C-70, C-75, C-80

  • Size: 25mm*35mm*45mm

  • Shape: briquette

  • Usage: Steelmaking carbon additive

The graphite briquette is made of natural graphite ore by ball milling→flotation→purification→bonding→solidification→drying→packaging. The graphite ball is black oil leaching hemisphere, which is an environmentally friendly smelting and recarburizer product with high quality. Usually, the graphite briquette is widely in steel making and foundry as carbon additive.

Graphite Briquette Specification:
Model Chemical Composition(%)
70 ≥70 0.1 0.3 ≤2
75 ≥75 0.1 0.3 ≤2
80 ≥80 0.1 0.3 ≤2
Size 25mm*35mm*45mm

The Features of Graphite Briquette:
1.Soft material, low sulfur, low phosphorus and odorless;
2.Graphite ball is hemispherical and can be adapted to the customer’s requirements.
3.Graphite briquette with high absorption rate, good lubrication and fluidity, is suitable for carbon casting of thinner castings and melting easily.
4.It is easy to use and invest without flying. And graphite briquette can meet the requirements of the environmental protection department.
5.Various packaging, convenient handling and storage.

The Advantages of Graphite Briquette:
1.Compared with pig iron, pig iron is expensive and contains sulfur, high silicon content and low absorption rate; the graphite briquette is stable in carbon, low in sulfur and phosphorus and easy to melt and absorbed easily. And the carbonaceous effect of graphite briquette is more than three times than pig iron.
2.Compared with graphite powder, because the graphite powder is in a fine powder and the quality is light, it is easy to fly when it is put into application, and it floats on the surface and is not dissolved easily. Moreover, graphite briquette for sale can not be fully absorbed, which pollutes environment seriously. While graphite briquette can avoid these disadvantages.
3.Compared with graphite waste electrode, the graphite electrode is expensive as carbon additive, and the effect of graphite ball is is very good. Because of obvious advantages, graphite briquette has a good carbon additive effect in many steel companies and has won praise from lots of customers. Therefore, graphite briquette is the best carbon additive for steel industry.

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