classification of ferrochrome

Ferrochrome is divided into high-carbon ferrochrome according to different carbon content, including charging grade ferrochrome (C≦10%), medium carbon ferrochrome (C≦4.0%), low-carbon ferrochrome (C≦0.5%), and micro-carbon Ferrochrome (C≦0.15%), etc. Also commonly used are silicon-chromium alloys and ferrochromium nitrides. Ferrochrome is mainly used as an alloy additive for steelmaking, and it was added in the later stage of steelmaking in the past. To smelt low-carbon steels such as stainless steel, low-carbon and micro-carbon ferrochrome must be used, so the production of refined ferrochrome has been developed on a large scale. Due to the improvement of the steelmaking process, when the AOD method (see out-of-furnace refining) is used to produce stainless steel and other steel grades, carbon ferrochrome (mainly charging-grade ferrochrome) is used to charge the furnace, so it is only necessary to reduce the The composition of micro-carbon ferrochrome is adjusted, so now the focus of ferrochrome production is to make carbon ferrochrome.