silica fume applications

Micro-silica fume is extracted from the industrial production process and has a wide range of uses. It can be used in the construction industry, water conservancy and hydropower projects, industrial and civil construction projects, highnway construction, ports, bridges, salt water projects and other fields. Specifically include the following industries.

1. Cement industry: After adding silica fume to cement, the performance is improved, and the quality and label are greatly improved.

2. Rubber industry: After adding a certain amount of micro silicon powder to rubber, its elongation and shrinkage, tear resistance and aging resistance are greatly improved. This rubber also has good dielectric properties and low water absorption.


3, as an anti-caking agent: instead of mica or diatomaceous earth as a raw material to prevent agglomeration of fertilizer particles.

4. Used as a pellet binder: The micro-silica powder has a large specific surface area and strong adsorption. It has achieved remarkable effects as a pellet binder abroad.

5. Water glass industry: It can replace quartz ore and produce water glass with a modulus of 4.

6. ​​Used as cementing in oilfields: Jilin Oilfield, Liaohe Oilfield, Karamay Oilfield, etc., all use a large amount of micro-silica fume and have achieved good results.

7. It is used in insulation materials, waterproof materials, paints, coatings, and printing industries.