the silicon metal price of 2020 year

The silicon metal market continued to consolidate at a low level in the first half of the year 2020. From the small price increase at the beginning of the year, the price continued to fall to mid-July. At the beginning of the second half of the year, the market ushered in a continuous rise. Silicon prices rose slowly to a rapid rise and then slowly falling back, prices remained high at the end of the year.



In the first quarter, the market for silicon metal went from stable to sustained rise and then fell rapidly. In January, market conditions were basically stable, and the transaction prices of products of various grade changed very little. Because upstream and downstream enterprises only stocked a small amount of goods at the end of the year. In February, the market started to be low and transportation was blocked after the outbreak of the domestic COVID, downstream centralized delivery but no goods to buy, and the quotations of holders in various regions rose. However, by March, the overseas COVID severely exceeded the domestic situation, foreign orders were canceled, export volumes fell sharply, and shipments became problematic. The domestic market consumed the export surplus and the price began to fall.

Due to the continued impact of the overseas COVID, the export volume of silicon metal products in the second quarter dropped significantly year-on-year, which directly led to the continuous increase in domestic bearish sentiment, and the price fell to 9700-11000RMB/T. The cost of factories in various places was upside down, and the enthusiasm for starting operations was very low.Which also directly caused domestic production to continue to decline year-on-year.

Silicon metal continued to rise slightly in the third quarter. The low-grade metallurgical grade began to rise at the beginning of July. At the end of the month, chemical grade silicon signed monthly orders due to factors such as limited supply and high downstream prices. The overseas COVID has been slightly controlled. In order to stimulate economic development, the government encouraged factories to resume work, and the export volume of silicon metal rebounded from the previous month. Coupled with the strong domestic downstream consumption capacity, the release of concentrated purchases, and the price of silicon metal continued to rise.

From October to November, the price rose for two consecutive months, and prices were reduced in the middle. The main reason is that downstream consumption is stable, and the continuous supply shortage in the past few months has strengthened the bullish attitude of buyers. Traders actively participate in market transactions, and even price increases have prompted terminal companies to release rigid demand in advance. This is again good for market trends, and the rise is rapid . By December, the transaction faded. After the excess output accumulated, the price was difficult to rise. The selling of the holding traders was obvious, and the more the price fell, the more difficult it was to make a deal.

In 2020, due to the fact that more exporters receive quarterly orders, the high water period is judged to be a price drop, plus sea freight and exchange rate changes, make losses abound. Affected by the overseas COVID, the monthly export of silicon metal has changed. Only March and November increased year-on-year, while the remaining months decreased year-on-year. With the increase in the production of silicon metal in Brazil, Australia, Norway and other countries and low-cost competition, it is expected that the export volume of silicon metal products in my country will be even less in 2021.