ferro silicon magnesium nodulant

There are so much more problems when use the nodulant, so make it important  to choose the proper FeSiMg nodulant, following us Huatuo Metallurgical to tell you how to solve this:

1.Aroud 80% of the factory smelt the ductile iron in the cupola, because the temperature of the molten iron is low and the content of sulfur and other inclusions are high, so need the nodulant to have strong ability of desulfurization and slag removal, so should choose the high brand nodulant, like FeSiMg10Re7, FeSiMg8Re5 and etc. But for the electric furnace or "Double" molten iron solute iron ball, always choose the nodulant in low rare earth and low content of magnesium, like FeSiMg7Re3.

2. For the different thickness and size of castings. For the thin and small pieces, it has a fast solidification and a large degree of supercooling, it is suitable for the growth of spheroidal graphite, and also easy to carbides so increase the tendency of white mouth, so it is suitable to choose the ferro silicon magnesium nodulant in low rare earth and magnesium. For the thick section ball cast iron (wall thickness above 100mm), because the solidification rate at the center is small, and exist the spherical decay, so suitable to choose the high brand ferro silicon magnesium, or increase the adding quantity.

There are also other common problems encountered by the foundry factories in the use of nodulant are as following:The composition of the nodulant is not accurate and always fluctuates;The particle size of nodulant powdered alloy do not meet the requirement;The nodulant does not dense, floats fast and burns seriously;The recession is quick after spheroidization;The white mouth tends to be large after spheroidization.

The ferro silicon magnesium nodulant of Huatuo Metallurgy compares with the light rare earth similar products, it has the recession resistance, strong resistance to graphite distorition and antiinterference elements, can ensure the performance of castings, and the suitable material scope is wide, reduce and diffuse phosphorus eutectic and other characters. We Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy Co.,Ltd have in this for more than 20 years, have got the good public praise in our good quality and professional service, if you have any need just contact us.