use of silicon metal 3303

Silicon metal 3303 is a kind of metal silicon divided according to the content of iron, aluminum and calcium. The content of iron is 0.3%, the content of aluminum is 0.3%, and the content of calcium is 0.03%. It is always supplied and used in the particle size 10-100mm. The largest user is the additive of aluminum alloy. Following will focus on the use of silicon 3303.

1.Additives and deoxidizers for non-ferrous metal alloys. When silicon is added to some non-ferrous metals, it can improve the strength, hardness and wear resistance of the base metal, and sometimes improve the casting performance and welding performance of the base. Among non-ferrous metals, the largest user is as an additive for aluminum alloys (silicon aluminum alloys, magnesium aluminum alloys, duralumin, etc.).

2.Alloying agent of silicon steel. For some silicon steel sheets with particularly strict requirements, silicon metal should be used as an alloying agent for silicon steel, and the aluminum content should be strictly controlled for silicon used to produce high-grade silicon steel sheets.

3.Reducing agent for certain oxiedes. Based on the strong chemical affinity between silicon and oxygen, the use of silicon metal can also reduce some metal oxides that have a weak affinity with oxygen, or have a strong affinity with oxygen, but the metal itself is volatile.

4.Semiconductor material. High-purity silicon has obvious semiconductor properties and is an excellent semiconductor material. After a series of industrial processes, silicon metal 3303 can be pulled into monocrystalline silicon to make silicon transistors, which can be used in the electronics industry, and can be made into polycrystalline silicon and solar cells.

5.Other uses. Silicon metal can be used to make various chemical products such as organosilicon.

In addition to silicon metal 3303, there are many high-grade silicon metal including silicon metal 2202, silicon metal 1101, etc. What is more, for the aluminum alloy production, the magnesium ingot is also one important raw material. Anyang Huatuo Metallurfy can not only supply the silicon metal, but also the magnesium ingot, so if any need just contact us.