recycling of magnesium

In recent years, with the wider and wider application of Magnesium and the larger application volume, the recovery and utilization of magnesium scrap and magnesium alloy scrap has generated huge market demand, which is also of great significance to the recycling of magnesium industry. Therefore, accelerating the development of magnesium scrap recycling technology is of great significance for reducing environmental pollution, saving energy, reducing costs and extending the service cycle.

Recycling of Magnesium

Magnesium and its alloys are easily recycled metals, and all magnesium alloys currently in use can be recycled. On the one hand, it is the recovery of failed or scrapped magnesium alloy parts, and on the other hand, it is the recovery of magnesium waste and chips in the production process. In the die casting process, only 30%--50% of the feed is used for molding, and the rest wasted on the handle and runner. In order to facilitate the recycling of magnesium alloy parts, the magnesium alloy parts are engraved with the "mg" mark on the non-main large surface of the die-casting mold before leaving the factory, which is convenient to visually distinguish magnesium alloys from other alloys and facilitate the screening of recycling and utilization. The recovery method is determined according to the composition and form of the waste magnesium and the use purpose of the obtained product. In the recovery of waste magnesium, there are two most commonly used methods: vacuum sublimation method and remelting method. The recycled magnesium metal ingot have high purity. Mg ingot 99.9 produced from those recycled materials are as good as normal ingots.

Due to the extremely rich magnesium resources in China, the emphasis on recycling is not enough. At present, China has not established a comprehensive and effective magnesium alloy recycling standard. However, with the development of the magnesium alloy industry, it is very important to establish a waste magnesium recycling system. This will be a huge advance for my country's magnesium industry.