manganese ingot

Manganese Ingot
  • Name: Manganese Ingot

  • Model: 97%, 95%

  • Size: 10-50/60/100mm

  • Shape: ingot, lump

  • Usage: Steelmaking,Casting,Deoxidizer,Desulfurizer,Alloying Agent

Manganese, chemical symbol is Mn, with atomic number: 25, atomic weight of 54.94, it is a grey-white colored transition metal with metallic luster, hard and brittle. Pure manganese has a silvery metallic appearance and a little bit softer than iron. Manganese was first isolated by Johann Gottlieb Gahn in 1774. Manganese can be found as a free element in nature and also in the minerals includes pyrolusite, braunite, psilomelane, and rhodochrosite.

In the steel-making industry, it is mainly used for desulfurization and deoxidation of steel; it is also used as an additive for alloys to improve the strength, hardness, elastic limit, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of steel; in high alloy steel, it is also used As austenitic compounding element, it is used to make stainless steel, special alloy steel, stainless steel electrode, etc. In addition, it is also used in non-ferrous metals, chemicals, medicine, food, analysis and scientific research.

Metal Manganese can be produced by three basic methods: electrolytic process, Aluminothermic reduction route, and silicothermic process. For the electrolytic manganese flakes are with large specific surface area and light specific gravity, the loss on ignition is huge when added into metal liquid and alloying additives. So it is usually remelted and to be made Manganese ingot, so as to decrease the LOI quantity. Manganese ingot can be used to produce special steels, stainless steel, high manganese steel, and non-ferrous alloys. And as raw materials, manganese ingot can make soft magnetism, welding rod, diamond catalyst.

Electrolytic Remelting Manganese Ingot
      Model      Mn (% min.) C (% max.) Si (% max.) Fe (% max.) P (% max.) S (% max.)
JCMn97 97.0 0.05 0.4 2.0 0.03 0.04
JCMn95 95.0 0.06 0.5 3.0 0.04 0.05