silicon metal prices

Metallurgical Silicon Metal Prices:

This week, the metallurgical grade low-grade metal silicon market began to change. The trend of maintaining stable and small growth in various regions is worrying about the price increase under the current unsatisfactory consumption capacity, and the market transactions are gradually getting lighter. First, the downstream compression cost favors the purchase of low-grade metal silicon, but when the price rises to the level of high-grade products, the price is slightly ambiguous; second, the terminal demand is not ideal, the traders are afraid to rush to stock up, and the inventory is only maintained for a long time. About 30% of monthly sales, the transaction is weak. At present, the cost of electricity in the southern silicon plant has risen by several hundred thousand yuan. The factory's price mentality is extremely strong. However, the changes in the market pattern and the changes in supply and demand in the upstream and downstream have brought about an increase in the price of the transaction. small.

Chemical Silicon Metal Prices:

This week, the chemical-grade metal silicon plant and the terminal organic silicon plant successively discussed the order situation in November. Due to the impact of environmental protection and power shortage and rising electricity prices, the production capacity of the chemical grade metal silicon plant in Sichuan decreased slightly, and the operating rate in Yunnan also decreased. Gradually, the temporary changes in production in Xinjiang and other places are not obvious. Affected by a downstream large factory bidding 421# rose to 14,600 yuan / ton in the middle of the month, the silicon plant recently reported monthly unit price of 14800 yuan, the mainstream transaction price in October was 14000-14200 yuan / ton, the November order is expected to be next week Part of the signing, and the price may continue to rise slightly by about 200 yuan.

Export Silicon Metal Prices:

Recently, the export market has been relatively light, and the foreign price has continued to exist. Most export traders have chosen to wait and see in the context of the recent changes in the domestic market. The current quotation has slightly adjusted with the market trend. As of now, the FOB price is 553#1750- 1780; 441FOB price 1870-1900; 3303FOB price 1980-2030; 2202FOB price 2310-2340; 421FOB price 1950-1980 (unit: US dollar / ton).