silicon metal priceless on June

The market price of silicon metal has been rising for two consecutive weeks. The resumption of production in the aluminum alloy plant has increased the demand for grade 553 without oxygen, and the price has risen slightly. After the price of silicon metal fell for three months, the cost of some factories was inverted to create an atmosphere of timely price increases. The price increase of individual large factories brought confidence in the price increase of silicon metal factories in various places, and the price rose day by day.



However, in terms of terminal market demand, only the high price of polysilicon and the stable construction start can still support the rise in the price of silicon metal. The rest of the aluminum market and organic silicon market continue to be sluggish. On the whole, the upstream and downstream of the silicon metal market have a large supply and no significant increase in consumption.

At present, the market quotation of silicon metal has been raised by more than 2500-3000 RMB/T, Some factories are reluctant to sell or quota higher price, while most of the terminal factories are in a wait-and-see state after the monthly purchase of the order is completed. Seeing that market quotations continued to rise, some aggressive traders continued to increase their positions. However, since the beginning of this week, the willingness of factories and traders to ship goods has increased, but the market has shown that the terminal demand is not good. It is difficult for shippers to sell at the current market price.

Regarding the quotations of some metal silicon factories in various places that have continued to increase by 500-1000RMB per day, some organic silicon factories said that purchasing means the cost is upside down, and not purchasing means stopping production and reducing production. At present, some factories has reduce production, and other factories plan to reduce production at the end of this month, After the release of a small number of orders in the export market, the quotation was high and the transaction was difficult, export traders were cautious.