silicon metal price in stock

According to incomplete statistics, the domestic stock is about 30,000 tons in Kunming warehouse, 13,000 tons stock in Huangpu Port, 5,000 tons stock in Hongkai, about 8,000 tons stock in Tianjin , and estimated inventory in Shanghai Port is about 5,000 tons. Compared to the end of November, only a few regions had poor shipments and increased volume. In November and December, the national silicon metal operating rate increased year-on-year, and the total output increased by about 100,000 tons, which directly made up for the 106,000 tons of production cut from January to October. The silicon metal market has gone from short supply to the current abundant supply.



Recently, the downstream procurement of silicon metal has not been active. Most of the holders are afraid of silicon metal price falling and are willing to sell them at price lower 200-300 RMB/T. At present, the EXW price of silicon metal 553# without oxygen has dropped to about 12,600 RMB/T, and the FOB price of 553# with oxygen is 13,400 RMB/T.

According to incomplete statistics, 13 of the 33 units of metal silicon submerged arc furnaces in Fujian are normally opened, the overall operating rate is about 39.39%, an increase of 20.59% from the previous month, the monthly production capacity is about 9900 tons, and the capacity release rate is 35.29%. The monthly output is about 8880 tons, an increase of 4640 tons from the previous month.

The silicon metal price has been rising all the way, leading to a sudden increase in the number of silicon metal operations in Fujian this month. Some factories still insist on starting operations under the pressure of high-cost production. Most of the factories that have resumed work have signed orders and are not hesitant to sell. As prices enter the consolidation period, most factories in Fujian are currently selling goods and quotations are basically stable. Other factories said that because of high electricity prices, they dare not rush to sell at prices. For the moment, the start of construction in Fujian is already at a certain high level, and it is expected that the number of furnaces to be started in the later period will remain around 13 units.

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