market price of silicon metal

31th, March, 2022: In the past two weeks, the transaction price of the silicon metal market has continued to decline due to various negative factors. This week, the overall market price of silicon metal has accelerated. The silicon metal factory said that the recent quotations are of little significance, and few customers have counter-offers, and some factories that have stopped production in the early stage have a certain backlog of inventory, and recently realized the reserves of raw materials and maintenance.



The market price has fallen, and the demand in the aluminum market is not optimistic. At present, it is basically just for necessary buying. The polysilicon market has delayed orders, and the recent orders of organic silicon have also reduced the prices. Regional   environmental protection inspections and difficulties in purchasing raw materials have also caused some silicon factories to reduce production. At present, the prices of raw materials, electrodes, oil coke, etc. continue to rise, the cost of silicon factories has risen, and the start-up plan has a great impact. Some factories have completed the original plan to resume production at the end of March and early April. Now they choose to wait and see the market; silicon factories in areas with high electricity prices are difficult to receive orders in the near future. , after the inventory accumulation began to plan to stop production, reduce production and wait.

Some of the terminal companies canceled their purchase plans due to production reductions, and some companies also chose to wait and postpone their orders in the process of continuing price declines. However, all downstream factories will delay purchases or make low inventories. At that time, silicon factories will reduce production, and when they have to purchase, they will release orders in a concentrated manner, which may stimulate silicon prices to rise. Therefore, some downstream enterprises with reasonable profits have begun to place orders recently, and orders of 30,000 to 50,000 tons may be released before the Qingming Festival, and the price of metal silicon is expected to stabilize.

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