market analysis of silicon metal in March and April

In March,2021, silicon metal price rose first and then fell, and market transactions changed from a highly active state to a deserted state. At the beginning of the month, the terminal factories and traders were enthusiastic about purchasing, especially for the brands with shortage of supply, they placed orders quickly. After mid-term, as the downstream market rose sharply but shipments were not smooth, buyers began to be cautions, placing orders slowly, traders also gradually to clear inventory, market transactions gradually became deserted, and prices slowly fell.

Silicon Metal Export Market

The export market of silicon metal was relatively weak in March. Only at the beginning of the month, some large overseas factories bid, after the orders were signed, they basically entered a wait-and-see state. Because the Chinese price of silicon metal is running at a high level and is approaching the rich water period when the southern silicon factory resumes production, overseas buyers also generally believe that the price is about to fall, waiting for the opportunity to place orders when the price dropped.

Metallurgical Silicon Metal Market

Because the Inner Mongolia factory stopped production on the 1st, March, make the tighter for the stock market, the quotation of silicon factories continued to rise strongly, and most of the factories in production were full of orders, low grade oxygen 553, 441, etc, due to large output, make the transaction poor, and a downward trend in the market led to a rapid decline in the quotation. High grade 3303 etc, due to small transaction,, so the price changes slightly slower, the current transaction price has fallen by about 100RMB/T.

Forecast of Silicon Metal on April

At the beginning of April, the silicon metal market will continue its downward trend on March, the price will slowly fall. Due to the high production cost, there is not much room for silicon metal to fall, the mainstream transaction price of silicon metal market is expected to fall by 400-500RMB/T.

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