magnesium metal uses

Magnesium has a relatively strong reduction, in the hot water reactions release hydrogen, when burned can produce dazzling white light, magnesium and fluoride, hydrofluoric acid and chromic acid does not occur role, but also could not rust caustic alkali, but easily dissolved in organic and inorganic acids. Magnesium can be directly related to nitrogen, sulfur and halogen such as chemical combination, including hydrocarbons, aldehydes, alcohols, phenols, amines, grease and most of the oil pharmaceutical and organic chemistry and magnesium simply can not afford to just slightly effect.

Magnesium metal has the characters as followings: low density,high specific strength,high specific stiffness,strong damping,vibration and nose reduction, excellent electromagnetic shielding performance,anti-radiation,complementing sparks during friction , small thermal thermal neutron capture cross section, superior liquid forming performance, easy to recycle, etc.

The uses of magnesium metal is mainly in the three fields of aluminum alloy production, die-casting production, desulfurization in steelmaking. It is also used in rare earth alloys, metal reduction and other fields.

1.The added element of alloy. One of the greatest uses of magnesium is as an alloying element for aluminum alloys, which improves the strength and resistance-corrosion of the material.

2.Magnesium metal is also widely used as desulfurizer in steelmaking. In addition, magnesium metal is a very useful deoxidizer or “degassing agent” in the production of copper alloys such as brass and bronze and in the production of nickel alloys.

3.Magnesium can be used into the spherodizing agent (ferro silicon magnesium) for ductile iron. Magnesium is used to remove a portion of sulfur and spheroidize the graphite, thereby greatly increasing the toughness and strength of cast iron.

4. Magnesium can be used as a reducing agent for the production of refractory metals. Magnesium can be used as a reducing agent for the production of rare metals such as Ti,Zr,Hf etc, and as a reducing agent for the production of Be.

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