magnesium ingot price

The magnesium ingot market continued to be affected by the government's purchasing and storage, and the price of magnesium ingots continued to rise. Recently, the price of magnesium ingots in Shaanxi has risen by about 350 RMB/ton. The quoted price is RMB 12,800/ton cash ex-factory tax included, and actual transactions are 1,2800-13,000 RMB/ton cash ex-factory tax included. Since the beginning of the week, the quotations of magnesium plants have continued to increase, and market transactions have continued to keep up. In the case of continuous purchases in the downstream, magnesium plants still have a strong reluctance to sell and maintain a relatively fast price adjustment speed. However, market transactions began to slow down after the magnesium plant quoted 13,000 yuan/ton cash ex-factory including tax. Under the tight market atmosphere in the downstream, most of the customers who just need to purchase continue to purchase, but some companies have not improved due to market demand. They are not optimistic about the market outlook and remain cautious in buying goods. After the market price has gradually risen, the downstream acceptance of the new round of high prices has decreased.

The price increase of domestic magnesium ingots is the result of a combination of many factors. The raw material of magnesium ingots, ferrosilicon prices are firm, ferrosilicon manufacturers generally have tight spot prices, and prices are expected to even rise slightly in the future. The prices of raw coal and dolomite are basically stable, and there is no sign of price reduction.

Domestic magnesium ingots rose, but the exchange rate fell again this week. According to export trading companies, it is still difficult to deliver orders for magnesium ingots. Under the circumstances that foreign customers continue to hold down prices, export transactions have entered a deadlock again. Due to the recent increase in domestic magnesium ingot prices, the export FOB quotation of rice has been raised by US$20/ton from last week as a whole, and the mainstream price is US$1860-1880/ton.