the application of silica fume for sale in building materials

Silica fume for sale is a high and new technology at home and abroad, which has a broad application prospect in the field of fine materials. It can be widely used in chemical industry and metallurgy. Silica fume for sale is widely used in cement or concrete so as to improve the performance of cement or concrete dispensing with ultra high strength, wear resistance, scouring resistance, corrosion resistance, infiltration resistance, frost resistance, special concrete or composite cement early strength; In addition, to adapt to the oil well cementing, marine oil drilling platform, harbor wharf, railway bridge highway, airport runway, tunnel and the special requirements of city high-rise buildings and other projects; Silica fume for sale is used in rubber so as to improve the extensibility of the rubber, tear resistance and tensile strength; Silica fume for sale is used for refractory material and ceramic products so as to improve the strength and durability of the product.

1.Micro silicon powder concrete is used in water resources and hydro-powder engineering, which can improve anti-abrasion resistance of engineering. The traditional anti-abrasive materials use polymer such as epoxy mortar at home and abroad. However, the anti-abrasive ability of this material is good, it has several times the linear expansion coefficient of the base concrete. So it is not suitable for the temperature of the base concrete. It is easy to crack and fall off under natural climatic conditions and the construction is complicated, toxic and expensive. Therefore, it can not promote the application on a large scale. But using silica fume in concrete, the impact resistance is about doubled and the anti-abrasion ability of the anti-48m/s flow rate is increased by more than 3 times.

2.Micro silica powder concrete is used in water conservancy projects to improve the crack resistance of engineering hydraulic concrete cracks. It has become a major concern. The reason for the crack is that the hydration heat of the material itself such as the incorporation of fly ash into the concrete, though the heating temperature can be lowered, the early strength is relatively low, so than the amount of fly ash is limited.

3.Microsilica concrete can improve the resistance to permeation and salt corrosion and protect steel bars. In underwater engineering, chloride ions penetrate into concrete, causing rapid corrosion of steel bars, delamination of concrete, short life and serious destructiveness. Underwater concrete pouring is generally carried out by a duct method. Due to the loss of the cement slurry, it doesn’t bond well with the base layer and reduces the strength of the portion contacting with water. While adding silica fume for sale into underwater concrete, these problems will be improved significantly.

4.Micro silica powder concrete is used in the repair to traffic road pavement and has strong wear resistance. With ordinary concrete to open the car normally, it takes 28 days to pour the road. Generally, the early strong concrete should be opened for 3 days, and the damage of the concrete road surface is inevitable.