silicon slag powder

Silicon slag is one kind of by-product when produce the silicon metal or ferro silicon, but generally the silicon slag is said about the silicon metal slag, as the professional silicon slag factory knows that the content of silicon is more than 50%, but for the ferro silicon slag can just reach 30% more or less.


The silicon slag is always in the shape of powder, then make the silicon slag powder to be the briquette as the deoxidizer in the steel making. The silicon slag is collected in the lump at first, but the silicon is uneven distribution, and what is more, it is inconvenience for the supplier to test the content, so after make it into the powdery, firstly can make the content of silicon even, secondly, will be convenient to make the test.

Silicon slag is generally used for the steel making, silicon slag powder processed into a spherical shape, generally be called silicon briquette, the silicon briquette can be used in the steel making, because of much more content of silicon, can be used as the deoxidizer instead of ferro silicon for the steel making factory, the advantage is that the cost of the silicon briquette is lower than the ferro silicon, and the effect of deoxidizing and purifying molten steel is also good.

The silicon slag regular size is in the powder of 0-5mm and 0-10mm, the content of silicon is more than 50%, generally in the model of 50%,55%,60%,65% and can even reach 70%, and sold in the silicon slag powder directly or processed into the silicon briquette, some customer buy the  powder directly and because they have the ball process equipment, then they can make the silicon briquette themselves then supply the briquette to the steel making factory. As for the silicon briquette, there have been many spontaneous combustion phenomena in the port, so the factories are troubled by security issues for the exporting.

Now more and more countries suffer from environmental pollution, the silicon slag powder, briquette as the by-product of silicon metal, equivalent to waste recycling, hoping the silicon slag factory can broke through technical issues as soon as possible, and better balance economic development and environment protection, Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy Co.,Ltd is exactly the factory can not only provide the qualified silicon slag powder, but also notice the environment protection.