silicon metal lumps

The silicon metal always supplied with the natural lumps (size compared bigger), standard lumps and powder even micro-powder.Silicon metal is produced by reducing high-purity silica with low-ash carbonaceous reducing agent in a carbon-lined ore furnace, due to the strict requirements on the iron content of silicon metal, then the used electric furnaces of silicon metal production should not use iron shell self-baking electrodes, but graphite electrodes or carbon electrodes.



The smelted silicon metal lumps is the natural lump, if need the standard size 10-100mm, need reprocessing, compared with ferro silicon, smelting silicon metal requires much higher furnace temperature,the production of silicon metal with a silicon content greater than 95% requires smelting at high temperature above 1800 degrees celsius. In addition, because the furnace charge does not add steel shavings, the thermodynamic conditions of the SiO2 reduction reaction deteriorate and the conditions for destroying SiC become more unfavorable. Therefore, in the process of smelting metal silicon metal lumps, it mush be achieved: control the higher furnace temperature and reduce heat loss;control the volatilization of Si and SiO2;keep the formation and destruction of SiC relatively balanced. The use of petroleum coke with good sinterability in production is conducive to heat concentration in the furnace

The silicon metal lumps is most commonly used to formulate alloys. Among them, silicon aluminum alloy is the largest amount used of silicon alloy. Silicon aluminum alloy is a strong composite deoxidizer, can replace pure aluminum in the steel-making process and improve the deoxidizer utilization,purify molten steel,improve the quality of steel.What is more, silicon aluminum alloy has low density,thermal expansion coefficient, good casting performance and wear resistance, the alloy castings cast by it have high impact resistance and good high-pressure compactness, which can greatly improve the service life. It is commonly used to produce aerospace vehicles and auto parts.

The silicon metal lumps always processed into the size 10-100mm supplied, generally types are silicon metal 553,441,1101,2202 etc, the lager user is the aluminum factory used to produce aluminum products and aluminum alloys. Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy Co.,ltd has in the silicon metal lumps for more than 10 years, if necessary, please feel free to contact.