silicon metal 553 supplier at Huatuo Metallurgy

Silicon metal, also known as crystalline silicon or industrial silicon, is mainly used as an additive to non-ferro alloys. Silicon is a non-metallic element that is gray, metallic in color with hard and brittle features. According to the content of iron, aluminum and calcium in silicon metal, the grades of silicon metal have 441, 553, 3303 and 3305 and other grades.


Silicon metal 553 is an important ferro alloy product in modern industrial metallurgy. Silicon metal 553 can be processed into micro silicon fume, metal silicon slag by many manufacturers. Moreover, it can be used in the refractory material and concrete industries by manufacturers. In addition, silicon metal 553 can be further purified applied to the production of conductive materials like silicon rubber and silicone etc.silicon products.

Silicon metal 553 is a kind of silicon metal. Silicon metal has the function of high temperature resistance and deoxidation, so it is widely used to produce steel, medical supplies and high temperature gaskets more and more manufacturers. Besides, modern large integrated circuits are made from high purity silicon metal always. And high purity silicon metal can also be produced optical fiber. It can be said that silicon metal has become the basic pillar industry in the information age.

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