silicon carbide application in different size

The generally used size of silicon carbide will be 1-10mm/0-10mm granule and powder, the silicon carbide granule always be used for steel-making as deoxidizer, it can also increase the content of silicon and carbon, the silicon carbide powder always be used for the abrasive, refractory and rubber or coating, following will introduce more about the application of silicon carbide.



The silicon carbide has four main application areas, they are functional ceramics, refractory, abrasive and metallurgical raw materials. Used in the metallurgical raw materials always in the size of lumps or granule, most are in 1-10mm/0-10mm granule, silicon carbide deoxidizer is a new type of strong composite deoxidizer, which replaces the traditional silicon powder and carbon for deoxidation, compared with the original process, various physical and chemical properties are more stable, and the deoxidation effect is good, which shortens the deoxidation time, save energy and improves steel-making efficiency, improving steel quality, reducing consumption of raw and auxiliary materials, reducing environment pollution,improving working conditions, and improving the overall economic benefit of electric furnaces are of great value. As for the other three aspects, it generally used the silicon carbide powder, firstly for the abrasive, the silicon carbide mainly used for grinding and polishing of grinding wheels, sandpaper, abrasive belts, whetstones, grinding blocks, grinding heads, abrasive pastes, and monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon in photovoltaic products and piezoelectric crystals in the electronics industry, etc. Secondly, silicon carbide is widely used in the manufacture of muffle furnaces, heating furnace bottoms etc due to its high thermal conductivity, and due to its high mechanical strength and wear resistance, it can be used to manufacture wear-resistance mechanical wear parts, such as the lining of spinners, dust collectors etc. Thirdly, Because of the characteristics of thermal conductivity, heat radiation and high thermal strength, it can be used to manufacture thin plate kiln furniture which is the ceramic glaze baking sintering ideal indirect material.

What is more, the silicon carbide granule can also be used for the cast iron as deoxidizer or inoculant and increase the content of silicon and carbon, silicon carbide powder can also be used for the rubber or coating, it can modify character of rubber and plastic,after modification, it has the functions of heat conduction, abrasion resistance and strength increase.

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