silicon barium calcium as deoxidizer

Various deoxidizers are used in steel smelting, and different deoxidizers have different deoxidizing effects. Common deoxidizers include ferrosilicon, silicon barium calcium, silicon aluminum barium calcium, etc., among which silicon barium calcium is used as a A multi-element deoxidizer, with its good deoxidizing effect, is more popular with manufacturers. In the deoxidation of silicon, barium and calcium, silicon is not the only element to deoxidize. Barium and calcium also have good oxygen affinity. So what is the principle of silicon, barium and calcium for deoxidation?


       Silicon barium calcium is a kind of compound deoxidizer, in addition to good deoxidizing effect in steel smelting, it also has a certain function of purifying molten steel. Both silicon and barium in silicon, barium and calcium can react with oxygen to form oxide impurities, which float on the surface of molten steel for easy removal.

       Barium effectively reduces the vapor pressure of calcium in the steelmaking temperature range and increases the solubility of calcium in molten steel. Compared with silicon-calcium alloy, silicon-barium-calcium alloy is used as a calcium source to be added to molten steel, even if the amount of calcium added is When the amount of silicon-calcium alloy added is half, the calcium content in molten steel is about twice that of silicon-calcium alloy, and calcium in molten steel is also significantly increased. It fully shows that barium effectively protects calcium in molten steel and reduces the oxidation of calcium, thus achieving the purpose of calcium treatment of molten steel.

       Silicon-barium-calcium alloy deoxidizer is a new type of compound alloy in barium alloys. It is a deoxidizer and desulfurizer for steelmaking, and it also has a dephosphorization effect. It is an inoculant and modifier in casting.