iron pyrite price

Iron pyrite used in casting is also known as sulfur-increasing agent. There are two kinds of sulfur-increasing agents for casting, one is iron pyrite, the other is called ferrous sulfide, iron pyrite is a raw ore with a sulfur content of about 45%, while ferrous sulfide is a smelted product with a sulfur content of about 30%. The particle size of pyrite is generally 5-40mm/3-8mm, while the particle size of ferrous sulfide is generally 10-50mm, the iron pyrite price is generally 360USD/T FOB term at least, and the price of ferrous sulfide is generally 496USD/T FOB term more or less.



Whether sulfur is beneficial or harmful in gray cast iron, the understanding of sulfur has gone through a process of gradual improvement. From thinking that sulfur is a harmful element, to adding a certain amount of sulfur to gray cast iron to improve cutting performance, inoculation effect and graphite morphology, people gradually realized that gray cast iron sulfur is beneficial within a certain content range, which is 0.08%-0.12% %.

Too low sulfur in gray cast iron water is harmful, the shape of graphite is poor, and the effect of inoculation is not good, but there are still many people who do not know enough about this. When the sulfur content is less than 0.05%, sulfur increase treatment must be carried out, otherwise the inoculation effect will be poor.

For the influences of iron pyrite price, because it is one kind of raw ore, so the mining and transportation costs directly affect its price, for the influence of ferrous sulfide, because it need smelt, so the electricity cost is the main affect of its price. Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy in the iron pyrite and ferrous sulfide sulfur increasing for more than 10 years, so if you want to know about the price fluctuation of iron pyrite and export situation, please just consult us.