ferro silicon briquette

A wide range of silicon alloys are available for alloying and deoxidation purposes in steel-making processes. Ferro silicon briquette is the most commonly used and important additives in the manufacturer of steel products.

Ferro silicon briquette is used to remove oxygen from the steel and as alloying element to improve the final quality of the steel. Silicon increases namely strength and wear resistance, elasticity (spring steels), scale resistance (heat resistant steels), and lowers electrical conductivity and magnetostriction (electrical steels). Special FeSi briquette like low Al, High Purity and Low C ferrosilicon briquette are used in the production of special steel qualities for transformers/motors, ball bearings and shock absorbers, tyre cord steel and in stainless steel. Thus, ferrous silicon briquette is a necessary deoxidizer. The Silicon content is 0.15%~0.35% in ordinary steels, 0.40%~1.75% in structural steels, 0.30%~1.8% in tool steels, 0.40%~2.80% in spring steels, 3.40%~4.00% in Acid-proof stainless steels, 1.00%~3.00% in heat resistant steels, and 2%~3% and even more in Silicon steels. And 3~5kg Ferro silicon briquette will be consumed while making each ton of steel.

Ferro Silicon Briquette

Our main market are domestic and abroad steel-making plants, enterprises and foundry plants, besides, refractory fields. We can do most of the grades on National standard, and some off-grades of Ferro silicon. And the following Ferro silicon briquette products are our bestselling ones:

New policy on exporting carried out since 15th, July 2014.

According to the Law of the Law of The People’s Republic of China on Import and Export Commodity Inspection and the implementation of the relevant of the regulations, the GAQSIQ has made some adjustment on The Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Institutions to Implement Inspection and Quarantine Catalogue of Entry or Exit:

1. Cancel the inspection and quarantine on the export of medical and electrical product and food contact product, 222 HS codes are involved (see annex), this policy should be carried out from 15th, July 2014 on. To those commodities outside the legal inspection, the CIQ will implement the random inspection.

2. To the commodities with HS code 7202210010 (Ferro silicon, with 90%≥Si ≥55%), and 7202290010 (Ferro silicon, with 55%≥Si≥30%), commodity inspection will be needed, the import and export goods consignees and consignors or the agent should handle the export formalities to the customs, with the Commodity Bill of Exit provided by inspection organization.