desulfurizer for steelmaking

The sulfur is one of the active non-metal elements. Under the temperature of steelmaking, sulfur can combine with many metal and non-metal elements to form gas or liquid compounds. The nature of the desulfurizer used are to convert the sulfur dissolved in the metal liquid into the insoluble and metal liquid materials, and make it enter the slag or escape into the gas phase through the slag.

In the production of modern steel, the desulfurizer is main used in the molten steel pretreatment, under the temperature of molten steel pretreatment, the steady state of sulfur is gaseous, but in the presence of molten metal and slag, the sulfur can be dissolved in motel metal and slag. The sulfur is in high solubility in the molten steel, the sulfur can combined with many metal and non-metal elements, then developed various desulfurization methods. At present, the commonly used desulfurizer in production are lime (CaO), calcium carbide (CaC2), Soda(Na2CO3), metal magnesium, calcium and composite desulfurizing agent composed of them. The calcium metal and calcium alloy have strong desulfurization ability, are widely used in the desulfurization of molten steel refining and denaturation treatment of non-metallic inclusions in steel.

The molten iron contains a large amount of silicon, carbon and manganese with good reducing properties, which can greatly increase the activity coefficient of sulfur in the molten iron. Different types of desulfurizing agents are used, especially strong desulfurizer such as calcium, magnesium, and rare earth etc metals and their alloys, a large amount of burning will not occur, which will affect the progress of the desulfurization reaction, so that sulfur can be easily removed to a very low level.

For the blast furnace, desulfurizer used outside the molten iron furnace can reduce the burden on the blast furnace, reduce the coke ratio and amount of slag, increase productivity. For steelmaking, it can reduce the burden, simplify operations and increase steelmaking productivity. Can reduce the amount of slag and improve the metal yield, and create conditions for converter smelting of various types of steel. The combination of desulfurization and steelmaking outside the molten iron furnace can achieve deep desulfurization of the molten iron, thereby creating conditions for converters to smelt ultra-low sulfur steel.

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