The important role of carburizing agent for steel making

The carbon element plays a role in improving the hardness and toughness of the steel during the steelmaking process. The carburizing agent for steelmaking can often effectively improve the carbon content in the molten steel and ultimately serve to adjust the hardness of the steel. In the process of steelmaking and smelting , When the carbon element content is not enough, you need to add a carburizing agent to supplement the carbon element content, which shows that the carburizing agent for steelmaking is an indispensable process, let ’s talk about the carburizing agent for steelmaking. The important role of, after understanding, really found that the impact is really not small!


First of all, the carburizing agent used in steel making can replace the commonly used carbon to improve its adverse reactions, effectively improve the absorption rate of molten steel and reduce the amount of anti-slag, and the carburizing agent used in steel making can effectively reduce the exhaust gas emissions, which is environmentally friendly It is a very good thing. Secondly, the use of carburizing agents can also reduce the excessive generation of sulfur in steel, effectively prevent the brittleness of steel caused by sulfur, and also prevent the health of operators!

It can be seen that the important role of carburizing agent for steelmaking is very obvious. Now more and more steelmaking manufacturers will choose carburizing agent as the choice of physical and chemical indicators for steelmaking to increase carbon content. The important role of steel is not small!