Non-graphitizable Carburant Recarburizer Application

Non-graphitizable carburant refers to products that have not undergone high-temperature graphitization. Non-graphitizable carburant is widely used in steelmaking and casting processes. Non-graphitizable carburant plays an important role in different applications. 

Non-graphitizable petroleum coke can be mainly divided into metallurgical coke recarburizer, forged petroleum coke recarburizer, forged anthracite carbon recarburizer, and asphalt coke recarburizer, which have different effects.


1. Metallurgical coke recarburizer

Fixed carbon, 75% -85%, granularity 1-6mm, 15-50mm. Specific granularity is produced according to customer needs.

Metallurgical coke recarburizer: It is the large coke commonly used in cupola furnaces. In addition to melting, it also adds carbon to metal charge.

2.Carburizing agent for petroleum coke after forging

Fixed carbon, 95% -98%, granularity 1-6mm, 0-1mm specific particle size produced according to customer needs (quality is lower than graphitized carburant)

Calcined petroleum coke recarburizer: mainly used in steelmaking, gray cast iron, brake pads, cored wires, etc. In the converter smelting of high-carbon steel grades, petroleum coke with few impurities is used as a carbon recarburizer. The requirements for the carburizing agent for top-blown converter steelmaking are that the fixed carbon must have a high ash content, low volatile content, and low impurities such as sulfur, phosphorus, and nitrogen; and it must be dry, clean, and moderate in particle size. If the particle size is too fine, it is easy to burn, and if it is too coarse, it floats on the surface of molten steel and is not easily absorbed by molten steel.

3. Anthracite carbon recarburizer after forging

Fixed carbon, 90% -93%, granularity 1-6mm, specific granularity can be produced according to customer's needs (not much production, the northwest region has the advantage, the absorption rate reaches 70%)

Calcined coal carburizing agent: mainly produced in Ningxia Shizuishan and Inner Mongolia Wuhai. It is mainly used in steel-making enterprises, and some foundries are used in gray cast iron. The disadvantages are: low carbon content, slow melting, wasted electricity, and large residuals.

4.Asphalt coke recarburizer

Fixed carbon, 92% -96% granularity 1-6mm, 0-1mm specific granularity produced according to customer needs.

Asphalt coke recarburizer is similar to the use of calcined petroleum coke recarburizer.