CaSi Cored Wire Manufacturer

The cored wire - injection technology is a method of The refinement of for molten steel. It has had been widely studied and 2. The feed line technology is The floorboard of The core production technology and packet core application technology. The implementation process of this technology are:On the Coring wire machine, thin steel belt was used to wrap various additives (calcium silicon powder or other alloy powder) to form a core wire of arbitrary length. Then, the core wire was penetrated into the molten steel at a certain speed by means of injection set. The high temperature of the molten steel melted the steel belt.So as to realize the refinement of the steel.

CaSi cored wire manufacturer
Raw materials for cored wire manufacturer include:Steel belt, which should be low carbon steel, Alloy metal powders, like calcium silicon powder. The production those o powder crusher, blender, coil machine, packing machine.
Alloy cored wire is used in steelmaking, which can purify molten steel, change the form of inclusions, improve the castability and mechanical properties of molten steel, and significantly improve the yield of ferroalloy, reduce the cost of steelmaking.With the development of steelmaking industry, the increase of high quality alloy steel and steel varieties, the improvement of continuous casting ratio, and the continuous improvement of refining technology outside the furnace, the adoption of wire feeding technology has greater advantages than powder spraying and the direct addition of alloy block.Anyang Huatuo Merllurgy Co.,Ltd. Is a professional CaSi cored Wire manufacturer. For more than 20 years experience of production of CaSi and other types of cored Wire. The advantage of our calcium silicon cored Wire:1. The composition of molten steel can be fine-tuned and controlled to greatly improve the alloy yield.2. Uniform product quality, smooth reaction of molten steel, avoiding secondary oxidation, fast floating rate of inclusions and even purification.3. Cored-wire injection technology can avoid bringing gas into liquid steel.4. Strong suitability, less one-time investment, small occupation area, wide application range, except CaSi, it can also be used for other types of cored wire.