70% 80% Ferro Tungsten Production of China

Ferro tungsten is one type of ferroalloys which is consist of tungsten and ferro, generally used as alloy additive for steelmaking, there are general two content include 70% and 80%, for the FeW70, the tungsten content is from 70% to 80%, and for the FeW80, the tungsten content is from 75% to 80%, the other impurities include the element like carbon, phosphorus, sulfur, manganese, silicon, copper and so on.

ferro tungsten
The production of ferro tungsten 70% is in the way of taking iron through restore,refine and taking iron three stages.In the stage of restore, adopt the 75% ferro silicon and pitch coke or petroleum coke to the production of smelting reduction, in the second stage of refine, under the high temperature to remove the impurities of silicon and manganese etc, then move to the final stage, test the sample to reach the requirement chemical composition, then finish the production of ferro tungsten 70%,under this way of production, the recovery of tungsten can reach 99%.
There is other way to produce the ferro tungsten 80% adopted the top-open electric furnace which can move on the pathway and the upper part of the furnace can teardown. Mixing the raw materials of pure tungsten ore, pitch coke and slag-making material to smelt, then pull the furnace out and teardown the upper of furnace to make the molten iron condensation, the last stage is broke the lump into small pieces, as for the sub-quality ferro tungsten can recycle to the molten.
There is one way called thermite process to produce ferro tungsten, it make use of the heat energy from the burning of tungsten carbide and aluminum which can save a lot of electricity, and compared with the raw material of pur tungsten ore, then tungsten carbide include little impurities.
Ferro tungsten is always used into the steelmaking and foundry, which widely used to smelt the high-speed tool steel,structural alloy steel, magnetic steel, heat-resistant steel and stainless steel etc. Anyang Huatuo can supply the ferro tungsten in the package of 100kg steel drums, and the particle size various for choice, if you have any need please contact us.