why the price of silicon metal rising so much

Since mid-July, the prices of various grades of silicon metal have shown a general upward trend. Among them, chemical-grade silicon metal 421 has risen the most rapidly. Why does Chinese silicon metal show such an upward trend and the price remains high? On the one hand, the main production areas have recently imposed production and power restrictions. Environmental inspections have caused many manufacturers to suspend production and transformation. On the other hand, the price of raw material silica has risen, and high-quality silica is in short supply. The cost of silicon production has risen, and the output of silicon metal has decreased significantly compared with last year, but the amount has increased. Therefore, the tight inventory has further led to the continuous rise of prices.


According to statistics, from January to July 2021, the output of silicon metal is 1.466 million tons, the consumption of organic silicon is about 388,000 tons, the consumption of polysilicon is about 296,000 tons, the aluminum market consumes about 242,000 tons, and the export volume is 466,000 tons. Other refractory materials market About 50,000 tons. Organic silicon can be divided into: silane coupling agent (organic silicon chemical reagent), silicon oil (silicon grease, silicon emulsion, silicon surfactant), high-temperature vulcanized silicon rubber, liquid silicon rubber, silicon resin, compound, etc. It is not only used as a special material for aviation, cutting-edge technology, and military technology, but also used in various sectors of the national economy. Polysilicon is a form of elemental silicon, solar-grade polycrystalline silicon is prepared by metallurgical method, using metallurgical-grade silicon as raw material (98.5%~99.5%). After metallurgical purification, a polysilicon raw material with a purity of over 99.9999% is obtained for the production of solar cells.Silicon metal for aluminum alloy production, it is as the alloy elements, it can improve the performance of aluminum alloy. Generally, the silicon metal for refractory is in the powder shape, it can improve the high temperature resistance, wear resistance and oxidation resistance of the product, its products are widely used in steelmaking furnaces, kilns, and kiln furniture.

Because China control the COVID well, so at present the economic situation is recovering well, on the other hand, in some foreign countries, because of the COVID, It could not resume the production normally, so this year the silicon metal export quantity also increased, this is also the reason caused the stock of silicon metal lack, then push the price rising day by day.