silica fume application

Silica fume is when smelting ferrosilicon and industrial silicon (metal silicon), a large amount of highly volatile SiO2 and Si gas is generated in the ore furnace, and the gas is quickly oxidized and condensed and precipitated to form. It is the by-product in the big industry smelting, the whole process need to use the dust removal equipment to recycle, and because its density is small, also need the encryption device to encrypt.


It is easy to confuse the silica fume and silicon powder, they are both in the main composition of  silicon dioxide, and both contain the sodium oxide, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, iron oxide, aluminum oxide and etc in the impurities. They just have the differences in the content of silicon and particle size, for the silicon powder, it contains 99% silicon or more, but for the silica fume, the content of silicon is general 80%~92%. For the particle size, the silicon powder is bigger than silica fume, the particle size of silicon powder will be 200mesh, 300mesh, 400mesh, 500mesh and so on, its in the state of powder, but for the silica fume, the fineness of less than 1 micron will occupy above 80%, the average particle size will be 0.1-0.3 micron, it is in a ash state.

Because of the state of silica fume in ash, so depend on its special application.

Firstly, The admixture for cement or concrete. The silica fume can fill the pores between the cement particles, and at the same time form a gel with the hydration product, and react with the alkaline material magnesia to form a gel, its average particle size is relatively small, has a good filling effect, can fill between the cement particle voids, and improves the strength and durability of the concrete.

Secondly, The additive for refractory. The high quality silica fume is mainly used as high-performance refractory castables, prefabricated parts, steel-clad materials, permeable bricks, self-flowing refractory castables and dry and wet spray materials. The usage of silica fume has the characters of high fluidity, low water storage capacity, high density and high strength and etc.

Thirdly, The adhesive for metallurgical pellets. The silica fume is naturally dried or sintered after blend with water, do not need to add additional binder, the impurities is few in the pellets, so it can be returned to the electric furnace as the smelting material.

Fourthly, The dispersant for chemical product. In order to prevent some chemical synthetic powders to form agglomeration, using the silica fume can replace the more expensive processing materials. It is widely used in fine pesticides, fertilizers, fire extinguishing agents and other products. 

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