introduction and economic benefits of columnar carbon addition

What are the advantages of columnar carburizers? The market feedback from the market feedback in the past two years can be seen: the production of columnar carburizers, rod and carburettors is increasing, and the content is also floating between 80-95% , The particle size is also between 1-10mm. Columnar recarburizers and rod recarburizers are mainly used in foundry enterprises, producing ordinary cast iron and gray cast iron. The production process of this carburizer: a columnar carburizer formed by machining high-content graphite powder through a binder, our factory specializes in the production of this columnar carburizer, the content of which is above 90, and the sulfur is 0.3 The absorption rate is about 80%, and the price is low, which is very economical and affordable. It is a good choice for many foundries. This kind of carburizing agent is suitable for large furnaces. The larger the melting effect of the furnace, the better the absorption rate. The higher, you can contact our factory at any time if necessary.