what's kind of carburizing agent is good for ductile iron

  Our factory specializes in the production of casting materials. The carburizers produced have various contents and indicators, including coal-based carburizers, graphite carburizers, petroleum coke carburizers, and graphitized petroleum coke. Recarburizer. There are special carburizing agents for gray casting, and some carburizing agents for nodular cast iron. And we have special technicians can guide customers to use, to ensure a higher absorption rate of carbon. Now briefly introduce the indicators of carburizers required for gray casting and ductile iron.

  The carburizers generally required for grey castings have very low requirements for Liu. Coal-based carburizers can also be used. A little better can use ordinary graphite carburizers, such as fixed carbon 80-90, For sulfur below 0.5, the absorption rate is about 90%. However, the requirements for nodular cast iron for carburizing agents are stricter. Double zero and low sulfur can be used. Otherwise, the castings produced will have pores and cracks, so the choice of carburizing agents must be cautious, better It is able to find regular manufacturers, not only can guarantee the quality, but also professional technicians can guide the use.