the application of RE in aluminum alloys

The application of RE in conductive aluminum alloys is currently a field in my country that has a wider range of applications, more mature technology, higher industrial value and better economic benefits.



1.The RE-aluminum master alloy. a single RE metal has high chemical properties and is easy to be oxidized and burnt during smelting. It is inconvenient to store and transport, and the cost is high. Moreover, the melting point is too high and the density is too high to be easily added to aluminum. Therefore, in most cases, prefabricated RE-aluminum master alloys are used, which can not only reduce oxidation burning loss, reduce costs, but also facilitate storage and transportation. When added, the operation is simple and safe, the composition is easy to control, and an alloy with stable composition and reliable quality can be obtained.

2.The application of RE in high-purity aluminum for capacitors. high-purity aluminum special aluminum foil containing RE is an ideal new material for the production of low electrolytic capacitors. Some capacitor manufacturers believe that adding a small amount of RE to high-purity aluminum can significantly increase the corrosion coefficient K of the aluminum foil for the anode of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, while the strength and capacitance are greatly improved. The volume of the manufactured capacitor is significantly reduced, and the material has been used in batches in some capacitors and has achieved certain effects. However, there are different opinions on the mechanism of RE in it, and in-depth research is being carried out.

3.The application of RE in aluminum construction profiles.In aluminum alloys, the content of RE should be in the range of 0.17% to 0.25%. Excessive addition will adversely affect various properties. RE can significantly improve the mechanical properties and processing properties of 6063 series aluminum alloy. After deformation, the tensile strength of the profile can be increased by 5% to 10%, the hardness is increased by about 8%, and the elongation is also increased. It can also reduce the preheating temperature of bar extrusion and increase the extrusion speed. The study also found that after the 6063 aluminum profile with RE elements is oxidized and colored, the film thickness, film hardness and gloss are significantly increased, and the corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis and salts is improved. In short, after adding proper amount of RE to 6063 aluminum profile, the alloy structure is refined, the color is uniform, beautiful, and durable, which is very popular among users.

4.The application of RE in aluminum alloy window screens. RE aluminum alloy window screens are superior to the same type of aluminum alloy window screens without RE in terms of strength, corrosion resistance, brightness, wind permeability, processability, and cost.

5.Application of RE in daily aluminum products.Adding trace RE to pure aluminum used in daily aluminum products and aluminum alloys such as Al-Mg series can significantly improve mechanical properties, deep drawability and corrosion resistance.In addition, some manufacturers currently use RE aluminum alloys to make washing machine linings, large spotlight reflections, aluminum bicycle parts and decorative frames, furniture brackets, spectacle frames, and other supplies and home appliance parts.

Except the RE, there are other elements such as silicon and magnesium also important to aluminum alloy, Anyang Huatuo in the silicon metal and magnesium metal for more than 10 years, if you have any require for aluminum alloy, welcome contact us.