manganese briquette

Manganese Briquette
manganese briuette
  • Name: Manganese Briquette

  • Model: 98%, 97%, 95%

  • Size: 10-50mm

  • Shape: Briquette, Ball, Pillow

  • Usage: Steelmaking, Casting, Deoxidizer, Desulfurizer, Alloying Agent

Manganese is a high-efficiency and cheap alloying element, and it is an indispensable raw material in the steel industry and non-ferrous metal industry. About 90% of manganese is consumed by the steel industry each year, and the remaining 10% is used in non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical, electronics, battery and other industries.

Manganese can be deoxidized and desulfurized in liquid steel; the presence of manganese content in steel can significantly improve its hardness and processability. Manganese briquette is a new type of Metallurgical product produced by electrolytic metal manganese as the main raw material. It is produced by crushing, compression molding, drying and other processes. Manganese briquette requires high quality powder raw materials in the production process, and generally requires moderate particle size. If the particle size is too large, It is not easy to bond. If the particle size is too small, the density of Manganese briquette will be too low. Generally, the particle size requirement of metal manganese powder is 0.5 mm or less. The drying temperature should be controlled at about 150 ° C. Too high will cause the manganese powder on the surface of Manganese briquette to oxidize, and too cold will cause prolonged production time. Manganese briquette has higher impurity content than Mn flakes, but Mn flakes are in the shape of flakes, which easily float on the surface in molten steel, burn off under high temperature and then enter slag. Therefore, the recovery rate of Mn flakes is low. Manganese ingot and manganese briquette are both block-shaped. In comparison, manganese briquette is more uniform in shape and each block is the same size. So manganese briquette is more efficient.

Manganese briquette products were primarily used as manganese additives in the production of Manganese Aluminum Alloy. However, later related industries found that Manganese briquette can be used to replace electrolytic metal manganese and metal manganese ingot, and is used as the main raw material for smelting high-quality steel and high-manganese alloys.

Chemical Compositions of Manganese Briquette

      Model      Mn (% min.) Si (% max.) C (% max.) S (% max.) P (% max.) Fe (% max.)
MnB98 98.0 0.8 0.04 0.05 0.01 0.5
MnB97 97.0 1.0 0.05 0.05 0.01 0.5
MnB96 96.0 1.0 0.06 0.07 0.02 0.5