Fluorine Complex Slagging and Refining Agent

Slagging Agent
  • Name: Fluorine Complex Slagging and Refining Agent

  • F: 45-55%

  • Na: 20-25%

  • Melting Point: 965℃

  • Usage: Slagging Forming
In steel production, fluorite is generally used as a co-solvent. It forms a low-melting eutectic substance with lime, so that dicalcium silicate is formed on the surface of the lime block during the initial frying, thereby reducing the melting point of lime, accelerating the dissolution of lime, and improving the fluidity of slag. However, the fluoride ion after fluorite decomposition is very corrosive to the furnace lining and equipment. And fluorite is a resource-based raw material, which is non-renewable. Therefore, the market needs a new type of refined slag agent to replace the application of fluorite in the field of metallurgy, in order to reduce the consumption of resources and reduce a series of environmental and energy consumption problems brought about by its development and utilization.

After repeated research and testing, our company has successfully developed a new type of material, namely the fluorine complex, to replace the traditional fluorite slag and reduce the lining erosion (see the table below for the composition)

Huatuo can supply the desulfurizer with good quality, the specification as followings:
Model F Na Al2O3 SiO2 Melting Point
Slagging Agent 45-55% 20-25%    3-7% ≤2 950 ℃

1.The new refining slag agent has similar metallurgical effect to fluorite, but the difference in chemical composition and melting point is obvious: It contains much less Calcium and Silicon.
2. The new refining slag agent and fluorite are used in the same way, and can be added in the bins of converter, refining furnace, electric furnace, etc.
3. The new refining and slag-making agent can lower the melting point of lime better than fluorite, thus playing a better slag-making fluxing effect.
4. The new refining slag agent has a better effect than fluorite in reducing the viscosity of slag. When the slag contains a certain amount of Al₂O₃, there is no significant effect on the viscosity of the slag.
5. Compared with fluorite as a slag agent, the new refined slag agent has faster slag formation and better desulfurization effect.