CaSi Cored Wire

CaSi Cored Wire
  • Name: CaSi Cored Wire

  • Model: Si, Al, Ca, C, Fe, C, Ti

  • Size: 13mm

  • Shape: Cored Wire

  • Usage: Steelmaking, Deoxidizer, Desulfurizer
The cored wire is produced to be added into the molten steel or molten iron, as composite alloy materials. It is made from various additives (deoxidizer, desulfurizer, modifier, alloy, etc.), and then crushed into a certain size and pressed into steel strip.  The use of wire feeding equipment to send the cored wire to molten steel or molten iron can shorten the smelting time, accurately control the composition, and improve the working environment. One of the most common products is the Casi cored wire.
The main raw material for the production of Casi cored wire is Calcium Silicon alloy. The crushed calcium silicon powder is used as the core material, and the outer skin is cold-rolled steel strip. It is pressed by a professional crimping machine to make the silicon-calcium cored wire. In the process, the steel sheath needs to be tightly packed to make the core material fill evenly and without leakage.

The Spcifications of Cored Wire
Model Chemical(%) Wire diameter Wire Thickness Wire weight Powder Weight Uniformity (%)
SiCa Si60Ca30 13mm 0.4mm 170g/m 230g/m 2.5-5

The usage of Casi cored wire is mainly for steelmaking. It is mainly used for deoxidation and desulfurization in the steelmaking process. Compared with other methods of deoxidizing and desulfurizing materials, the Casi cored wire is developed. Developed with higher quality alloy steel and variety steel, the Casi cored wire can improve the performance, plasticity, impact toughness and molten steel flow in all aspects of steel.
The use of the wire feeding technology to use the Casi cored wire has greater advantages than the powder spraying and the direct addition of the alloy block. The feeding line technology can effectively put the Casi cored wire into the ideal position in the molten steel, effectively changing the inclusions. The shape of the material improves the castability and mechanical properties of the molten steel.