CaFe cored wire

CaFe cored wire
  • Name: CaFe Cored Wire

  • Package: steel belt+waterproof plastic film+iron cage

  • Size: 13mm

  • Shape: Coil

  • Usage: Deoxidizer, Desulfurizer

CaFe cored wire is one type of cored wire which wrapped with calcium metal powder and a certain proportion of ferro powder. At present, domestic and foreign steel enterprises always use the CaFe cored wire to pure the steel which asked low carbon,utra-low-carbon and low silicon steel and strict requirements on the shape and quantity of inclusions.
Huatuo metallurgy is a professional supplier of CaFe cored wire, now owned five cored wire production lines, can accept customization for the cored wire,and will fulfill customers’ demands in different way based on mutual benefit and equal.

The Main Features of CaFe Cored Wire as Following:
The technical performance good and can meet the requirements of high-speed feeding.
Be used as deoxidizer, desulfurizer and de-inclusion, the silicon,hydrogen and nitrogen content of molten steel does not increase after treatment.
Can improve the recovery rate of alloying elements, among which the recovery rate of calcium can reach 12%~19%.
Can stably control the Al and S content of steel, improve the mechanical properties of steel, and significantly improve the transverse impact toughness, plasticity and hot workability of steel.

The Spcifications of Cored Wire
Model Chemical(%) Wire diameter Wire Thickness Wire weight Powder Weight Uniformity (%)
CaFe Ca28-35Fe67-72 13mm 0.4mm 170g/m 215g/m 2.5-5