what is the advantages and applications of silicon briquette 65

Silicon briquette 65 is one of many models silicon briquette, the silicon content is about 65%. The production process of silicon briquette 65 is that silicon slag through sieving and crushing, then add water and adhesives, pressed into silicon briquette by briquette machine. It is always in place of the ferro silicon by many metallurgy factories. Because the price of silicon briquette 65 is lower than ferrosilicon, it can effectively save smelting factory cost and efficiency. Today, Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy, as professional silicon briquette 65 manufacturer, will introduce it for customers in detail.


What is Silicon Briquette 65?

The production process of silicon briquette 65: the silicon powder is mixed with other metallurgy elements, then through professional briquette machine to press into silicon briquette. Our technical staff is carefully make ration let silicon briquette quality is best and high to meet the steelmaking factory and manufacturer procurement needs. Silicon briquette65 is a kind of economic and beneficial metallurgical material.

The Advantages of Silicon Briquette 65

Compared with traditional ferroalloy material, silicon briquette 65 has a variety of advantages. Silicon can isolate the oxygen of molten steel and deoxidize in the steelmaking process. Therefore, silicon briquette 65 has very good deoxidization performance. At the same time, it also has the advantage in slag and ascending furnace temperature in steel industry.

The Applications of Silicon Briquette 65

Because good deoxidization and effective slag function, silicon briquette 65 is usually used as desoxidant agent in steel industry. Moreover, it can replace slag remover to promote furnace temperature and be better steel smelting during steelmaking process.

Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy have advanced silicon briquette 65 complete sets of production equipment and professional production process.