the specification and usage of cored wire

Cored wire is a kind of ferro alloy, which will to break all kinds of additive(deoxidizer, desulfurization agent, inoculant, alloy etc.) into a certain size that joins in the liquid steel or iron liquid. Then using cold rolling low carbon steel belt to make a composite material with arbitrary length, which is mainly used in three aspects including the breeding, refining outside the furnace, special alloying element.


The cored wire has many varieties: calcium ferro cored wire, pure calcium cored wire, calcium silicon cored wire, calcium aluminum cored wire, rare earth cored wire and carbon cored wire and so on.

The cored wire is suitable for steelmaking and casting. For steelmaking, cored wire can purify steel inclusion shape, improve the castability of liquid steel and using performance of steel, and increase the yield of alloy, reduce the cost of steelmaking. Economic benefit is remarkable.

The Advantages of Cored Wire:
  • Cored wire ferroalloy is easy to adjust and control the contents of oxidation element and micro element, as well as can greatly improve the alloy yield, reduce the smelting cost, shorten the time of smelting and precise control components.
  • Cored wire can have impact on pure liquid steel and change inclusions properties and morphology and improve the quality of liquid steel and casting state.
  • Cored wire is divided into draw-off and outgoing two kinds. What is more, the production line of cored wire required mechanical equipment is simple and reliable, and covers an area of less, in particular, in the draw-off packet cored wire are more comfortable with narrow places.
Specifications of Cored Wire:
Model Chemical component(%) wire diameter(mm) thickness(mm) weight(g/m) powder quality(g/m) uniformity(%)
Ca-Si Si55 Ca28 13.0 0.4 170 230 2.5-5
Ca-Al Ca20-50 Al10-30 13.0 0.4 170 210 2.5-5
Ca-Fe Si55 Ca15 Ba15 13.0 0.4 170 215 2.5-5
Si-Ca-Ba Si55 Ca15 Ba15 13.0 0.4 170 220 2.5-5
Si-Al-Ba Si35-40 Al12-16 Ba9-15 13.0 0.4 170 215 2.5-5
carbon wire C98 S<0.5 13.0 0.35 150 150 2.5-5
Fe-Ti Ti25-40 13.0 0.4 170 510 2.5-5
Si-Al-Ba-Ca Si30-45 Ca9-14 B6-12 Al12-18 13.0 0.4 170 225 2.5-5
Ferroalloy specification: 13mm;
Powder weighing allowable deviation: 5 g/m It can be adjusted according to the requirements of customers.
Month output: 3000 tons
Packaging: packaging is usually iron shrouded and can add the tray.

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