spongy titanium metal produced by magnesium metal

The spongy titanium metal is the metal which produced by magnesium metal thermal reduction method. The purity of sponge titanium is generally 99.1 to 99.7%. The total amount of impurity elements is 0.3-0.9%, the impurity element oxygen is 0.06-0.20%, and the hardness (HB) is 100-157. As the main raw material for the preparation of industrial titanium alloys, the production of sponge titanium is the basic link of the titanium industry, and it is the raw material for titanium materials, titanium powder and other titanium components. The ilmenite is turned into titanium tetrachloride, and then placed in a sealed stainless steel tank, filled with argon gas, and made to react with magnesium metal to obtain "sponge titanium". This porous "sponge titanium" cannot be used directly, and must be melted into a liquid in an electric furnace before it can be cast into titanium ingots.

The principle of preparing sponge titanium by magnesium thermal method is: in an argon atmosphere at 880 ° C - 950 ° C, let refined titanium tetrachloride and magnesium metal undergo a reduction reaction to obtain sponge-like metal titanium and magnesium chloride, and remove magnesium chloride from the reduction furnace, remove residual magnesium chloride and excess magnesium in the pores of titanium sponge by vacuum distillation to obtain titanium sponge.

At present, the countries that produce sponge titanium in the world are concentrated in a few countries such as Japan, the United States, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and China, and all factories adopt the combined magnesium reduction-distillation process.

Sponge titanium is the basic raw material for the production of refined titanium metal. The sponge titanium can be further refined to make titanium ingots, titanium rods and other metal titanium materials. Titanium is a chemically active metal and has two of the most important advantages: corrosion resistance, and the highest strength-to-weight ratio among metals. At room temperature, a very thin and dense oxide protective film is easily formed on the surface of titanium, which can resist the action of strong acid or even aqua regia, showing strong corrosion resistance.

Mechanical grinding of titanium sponge can produce titanium powder. As a coating material, titanium powder is widely used in the surface treatment of mechanical equipment, and the treatment of electronic and precision instrument components. Liquid titanium can dissolve almost all metals, so it can be combined with a variety of metals to form high-strength light alloys. Titanium alloys are widely used in aerospace (jet engines, missiles and spacecraft), military, industrial processes (chemical and petroleum products, desalination and papermaking), automotive, agricultural food, medicine (prosthetics, orthopaedic implants and dental instruments and fillings) products), kitchen utensils, sporting goods, jewelry and mobile phones.

Titanium can be alloyed with other elements such as iron, aluminum, vanadium or molybdenum to create high-strength light alloys that are used in high-tech fields such as aviation and aerospace. With the continuous promotion to chemical, petroleum, electric power, desalination, construction, daily necessities and other industries, titanium metal is increasingly valued by people and is known as "modern metal" and "strategic metal", which is indispensable for improving the level of national defense equipment. important strategic material.

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